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Wendy Sura Thomson is a multi-award 5-star author of Summon the Tiger, The Third Order, The Man from Burnt Island, Ted and Ned, and a contributor to the anthology,Postcards from the Future. She lives in Michigan with her three beloved Setters and covets sipping coffee outdoors first thing in the morning, rain or shine, listening to the waterfall and birds, and watching [often with amusement] the pups explore.

Books by Wendy Sura Thomson

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Maggie Fraser met the man of her dreams one day in New York City. She had never been happier - until tragedy struck, sending her into an emotional tailspin. Her recovery was rudely interrupted by her accidental possession of a mysterious and ancient amulet. 

What was this amulet? And why was she being pursued for it? Travel with Maggie as she criss-crosses multiple countries unraveling the secrets of the amulet and searching for the inner peace, acceptance, and personal direction that had been so disrupted.

Set in New York, Michigan, Scotland, Italy and London, follow Maggie as she reveals the secrets of the amulet that have spanned a nearly a thousand years while overcoming her personal grief.

Wendy Sura Thomson was born in the Year of the Tiger, and true to her sign, she is fearless. This is her tale - her journey that has proven to her that she truly has the courage to fight for those people and dreams she has held dearly and has cherished. 

In Summon the Tiger, Wendy details a childhood of learning to live with her disability, as well as family troubles. She was born with congenital skeletal abnormalities and as a toddler had to have her leg amputated. Her father suffered from World War II–induced PTSD, struggling at a time when PTSD wasn’t much acknowledged. Her mother was emotionally unstable. Wendy escaped to a world of books and music. But she doesn’t just travel through her reading. After two years of college, she joined her family on a freighter bound for parts unknown. 

Wendy travels with her family but jumps ship in Miami to start a new chapter in her life. As she pursues her studies and meets a coterie of colorful characters, she is forced to evaluate what is most important to her. Her values and the defense of those values have taken her to extraordinary destinations.

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Three innovative authors imagine the end of humanity. Postcards From the Future is the remarkable result.Andrew Lark’s “Pollen” is a riveting, multiple point-of-view account of a strange atmospheric phenomenon that destroys humankind’s ability to reproduce, ushering in the extinction of our species.Donald Levin’s “The Bright and Darkened Lands of the Earth” is a gripping tale set in a desperate, post-apocalyptic future where a heroic woman battles ecological and social collapse in an effort to save her tribe—and humanity—from certain annihilation.Wendy Sura Thomson’s “Silo Six” is a suspenseful story of love and survival set far into the future, when the sun begins its transformation into a red giant and scorches the earth into a virtually uninhabitable cinder.

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Children and dogs .. What a natural combination! With all of the fun, however, comes responsibility. This charming, rhyming picture book gently reminds small children of the care that puppies need.

This book, a saga of a Scottish man born in 1899 whose dogged determination overcomes much, is historical fiction. It is based upon snippets of a true story, filled in where necessary with much research, conjecture, and a little imagination.  It is not to be missed.

This charming, rhyming picture book spells our Christmas traditions and characters using the letters in Merry Christmas. Toddler approved!!!

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