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Rather exhausting but also exhilarating

I spent three days in Grand Rapids this past weekend, and exhibiting at the Women's Expo there was quite a remarkable experience. There were thousands upon thousands of

attendees, and the event was extraordinarily well-organized. And, as an extra added bonus, I met some fantastic fellow authors! Quite pumped.

My goal is to get to about one show a month from now until winter threatens once again. My current plans, not all confirmed, are:

April 6, Grand Blanc Library

June 22, Pages Promotions Bookfest, Troy

July 13, Fenton Art Walk

July 19, Books Alive, Ludington

August 2, Buy Michigan Now, Northville

October, Leon and Lulu, Clawson, date TBD

If you plan to be at any of these events, please stop on by!!

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