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I read an interesting post this morning from Andrew Allen Smith. He was commenting on how perspectives color a person's life. I couldn't agree more.

If any of you have taken Meyers Briggs, you will understand this... I am an INTP. Introvert. Intuitive. Thinking. Perceiving. It's the perceiving part that gets to perspective... perceiving as opposed to judging. Perceivers tend to see things with an "isn't that interesting?" view instead of "that's good or bad." It has its strengths and drawbacks. to be sure. However, being a perceiver has led me to one of my life hypotheses: things that are "true" will align to reality, and that makes life so much easier. I call it "reading the tea leaves" correctly. And why do I think it makes life easier? Because a person stops constantly fighting their internal cognitive dissonance. They align their cognition to a view consistent with the many inputs they receive.

I know people who are very unhappy - pretty much, to a one they do not accept the inputs they get from life. They instead "fight the world" trying to get these external inputs to fit their reality; to fit their perspective. It makes for a difficult life.

Judge less. Perceive more.

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