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3 tips to combat writer's block

Writer's block happens. Here's what I do to get around it.

(1) I am kind to myself. There is not much more frustrating than sitting in front of a blank screen - or a blank piece of paper. In my experience, a blank screen is not a recipe for success. It means that you, at the moment, have either lost your train of thought, are unsure where the story is going, or are fresh out of following ideas. A blank screen will not help. My approach? Don't force it. If you do not get a quota of words down per day, it definitely will not be the end of the world. Most stuff written in a clutch is mediocre, anyway. So get up. Get a cup of tea. Take the dog for walk. Do a load of laundry. Doing something else frees up your sub-conscious to work on your plot.

(2)I identify the block. Do I need to break off and so some further research? Do I not totally understand my characters? I write the bios of my characters. What drives them? How did they grow up? What rings their chimes: what drives them nuts? A better understanding of characters can lead the plot line.

(3) I re-read what I have written. The story might begin to flow again if I re-arrange chapters, or add an innocuous lead-in earlier in the plot line that allows for direction. There are no issues at all in re-vamping what's written to open up the path forward.

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