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Carol Sorkin Hunter is an accomplished artist, 5-star author, musician, and lecturer, with work hanging on the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library. She was born in New York but spent most of her youth in Los Angeles. She studied at the Art Center in Los Angeles and spent an extended time studying art in Rome, Italy.

She and her husband in live in Michigan. She has two grown twin daughters, three grand-daughters, and two dogs.

Books by Carol Sorkin Hunter

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Paperback and Kindle

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Carol's childhood was a fantasy many people dream of, yet so much of what she remembers is the stuff of nightmares. The daughter of famous orchestra leader Barney Sorkin, she was immersed in the world of Hollywood glamor and the elite entertainers of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Her life took a sharp turn for the worse after an unfortunate incident in her youth, leading to painful insecurity and food addiction. This poignant memoir describes the pivotal moments in her life that transformed it into one filled with grace and fulfillment.

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Most all books on menopause available today are so very, very serious. Menopause is merely a life phase – nothing more. Nothing to fret about.

In the spirit of encouraging everyone to lighten up a bit, Ms. Hunter has penned this light-hearted, humorous take on menopause… whatever can we do with all those sanitary pads we bought in bulk at the warehouse store?

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Few people go through life without facing obstacles and challenges that at times feel overwhelming. In this book of anecdotes, perspectives and prayer, Mrs. Hunter offers perspectives and guidance to help readers face and overcome challenges with peace and grace.

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